Editing update #4

Hi everyone! Well, it’s hard to believe that almost two months have gone by since the release of Souldier. If you’d asked me where I expected things to be in two months’ time, I don’t think I could have answered, but suffice it to say, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I have received. To […]


Greetings, souldiers, and may the weather be a sign! On behalf of the Adjutant Corps, I am pleased to announce the release of several images that are now available for official use. There are three designs, two of which are more suitable to mobile devices, while the third is formatted for larger devices such as […]

Finding New Year’s resolutions in an uncertain world

Happy New Year! Across the world, the clock strikes twelve, signalling the end to a hectic and traumatic year. And now, as the fireworks fade and the year begins anew, I find myself wondering what the next twelve might bring. Will they be better? Will they be worse? Even though I spent the year in […]

It’s here!

Hi everyone, After years of writing, months of editing, and weeks of anticipation, I’m thrilled to finally announce the release of my debut novel, Souldier – Get it today on Amazon via the links above, or on Apple Books via the following: After such a long time in the works, it’s a strange sensation seeing […]

Editing update #3

Finishing something – actually finishing it, once and for all – is a curious thing. I’ve been sitting on this story for almost twenty-three years now, and in that time, I’ve re-written and re-approached it so many times that it’s almost hard to imagine it as a real and solid thing. Somewhere along the way, […]

10 Things to Do on Sabbatical – One Year On

When the opportunity came, I was well and truly in need of a break. After ten years of moving country and moving home, of changing and building careers and juggling the demands of my personal life with those of my professional one, the rigours of a busy lifestyle were taking their toll. My wife knew […]


In hindsight, it was a rather curious scene. Sixty-three elves, dwarves, half-orcs and heaven knows what else, all standing around a misty clearing in front of a lone human. Some sat on a series of wooden couches mis-matched with the natural surroundings, others next to the edge of a precarious set of cliffs that dropped […]

Know yourself

Several months before my thirtieth birthday, I lost my job. I wish I could say that I didn’t see it coming, but the truth is, the signs were there for all to see. The company I was working for at the time was going through several rounds of widespread redundancies, and neither position nor performance […]

Editing update #2

Hi everyone! Two more weeks of editing and things are both ahead of and maybe-kinda-sorta just on schedule. Let me explain – Each volume in the series comprises two parts, and each part is a standalone arc with its own themes and conclusion that feed into the broader story. According to my original plan, I’d […]

You’re perfect just the way you are

Even today, I can still remember the moment I realised I was different from all the other kids. I must have been about seven, and it was a beautiful spring afternoon during my third year in primary school. My transgression? Some kids found an interesting insect in the playground, and I called it a ‘bug’. […]


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