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In the Shadows of Eternity

On a clear afternoon in the early days of October, when the events of the recent wave were already beginning to fade into recent memory and life was returning to normal, Vivian made the hardest decision she had ever made in her life. A decision that, even a few short months ago, might have seemed as unlikely as any number of events to a resident of the small town of Northbrook. Almost as absurd as the idea of encountering one of the enemy this far north, or wielding a rifle on that eternal, ever-hungry graveyard that was the Line.

But all that was before…

In the Shadows of Eternity, Volume 1: Souldier

Volume 1 Souldier

“See you soon, okay?”

When Sally left for the Line almost two and a half years ago, Vivian never doubted her best friend would come back home again.

But she hadn’t.

Born in the small town of Northbrook in the northern reaches of the Eastern Territories, Vivian’s life was as far from the Line and the mechanical monstrosities that threatened it as anyone’s could be. But now, stricken with grief and the growing sensation that something isn’t quite right, her only choice is to follow in Sally’s footsteps and to enter a world far greater and more dangerous than she could have ever imagined if she wants to discover the truth.

How far would you be willing to go to protect the things you care about the most?

What price would you pay for knowing?

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